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Curaçao 1950

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“Atolty is a pseudonym. My real name is Rupert van Woerkom, former copywriter, magazine maker, creative director, and writer of countless scripts for television (Sesame Street), radio and two theatrical plays. The name Atolty is a tribute to my father who sent my mother postcards with an endearing note and always signed it ‘Atolty’. It was an acronym for ‘Across The Oceans Love To You’. I was raised in Curacao, one of the Netherlands’ Antilles in the Caribbean. During my formative years I took drawing and painting lessons, but couldn’t go to art school for the simple reason there wasn’t one on the island. Back in Holland I went to university, to study Art History and Literature. But after a few years I dropped out of university, to follow a career in writing, culminating in the art of magazine making. In recognition of national and international successes in making magazines I was even bestowed with the Mercur d’Or, the ultimate prize for outstanding creative work in the publishing world. During my media career I never stopped creating art, and created works with a genuine focus on conceptual and abstract art.”

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