Cole Morgan

New York 1950

In 1971 Cole Morgan received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, after which he moved to Europe. For two years he visited the Centro d'Arte Graffico in Florence (Italy), where he studied art history and litography techniques. In 1973 en 1974 he was a pupil at De Vrije Akademie in The Hague. Although nowadays Cole Morgan lives in Belgium, he has a close relationship with The Netherlands. Already for more than thirty years he is very succesfull with solo-exhibitions of his works in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany,Paris, Zürich, London, Seoul, Vancouver, Idaho, San Francisco and New York.

The works of Cole Morgan offer a report on the appearance of things in the world as we ourselves know it. What they do, instead of this, is to offer us admission to a parallel universe. Even when the paintings appear to represent something, they do so in a way that reminds us that they are paintings first, and representations only after that. His works tell us stories, often very amusing ones, about the ways that basic lines and shapes can be made to behave, when guided in their adventures by a skilful hand and a rich imagination. (Edward Lucie-Smith)

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