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Isabelle Dyckerhoff

Büderich 1959

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Lives and works in München and Berlin

"We should remember that a picture - before being a war horse, a nude lady or telling some orther story - is essentially a flat surface covered with colours arranged in a particulair pattern" ( Maurice Denis, 1890)

A surface covered in colours arranged in a certain order: at first sight, Isabelle Dyckerhoff's images could be described thus, but even so, nothing has yet been said. The ordering is based on criteria such as linearity, seriality and repetition, developed as the leading criteria of non-objective painting against the technical-industrial background of the first half of the 20th century. Thus can individual colour accents spread loosely in horizontal rows on a light ground over the surface, or combine into a many-layered crust, similar to many works of the Informel in the '50s, although the strong colours are more reminiscent to Nicolas de Staël. (Ludwig Seyfarth)

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