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Jasper van den Ham

Lelystad, 1978

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Jasper van den Ham (1978)  works and lives in Liempde.

During his childhood he moved several times because of his father's work. This has influenced the way he makes art today. The desire to explore several directions at the same time and to combine memories of these places in a single artwork. Non-existent landscapes and combinations of memories are brought to life.

Jasper is originally a fine art photographer who discovered several years ago that drawing and painting are also great passions.

"In my work it’s about the character of places I visit, not about the people in it. I give nature a big role in my paintings, in particular trees and plants. Almost like they have their own personalities, formed with multiple layers of color. It’s not always about a specific location, as sometimes I combine elements from different journeys. They may seem like seperate elements, but to me they form an inseparable whole of my memory. I bring non-existent landscapes to life in combinations of memories, in the end the actual locations are not interesting. The depicted memories require imagination".

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